Led under cabinet lighting

Your Guide to Under Cabinet Lighting

There are many ways to light a space, and you don’t always have to stop at one. Having a variety of light sources in your rooms can add a dynamic look while also being functional. Along with your recessed lighting, you may be considering adding in under cabinet lighting.

Why Install Under Cabinet Lighting?
Under Cabinet lighting is a great solution for any room. It works great for illuminating countertops in kitchens, making your work space more functional than ever. Installing under counter lighting behind trims and at the bottom of cabinetry, will be sure to look great in any workspace or room where you might want some more impactful light.

As under cabinet lighting is installed and affixed beneath cabinetry, it is a wonderful space-saving solution. Under counter lighting is designed to be hidden by the cabinets and trim, so it will surely fit the aesthetic of any space. With a variety of LED under cabinet lighting available, you can light your space well while still ensuring your lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting.

LED 3-Color Under Cabinet Light with USB Charging Port and Hi/Low Switch
Our 3-Color Temperature Under Cabinet Light with USB Charging Port and Hi/Low Switch is sure to give your space as much function as possible. Choose the installation that best suits your needs by using our step-by-step guidance for Plug-in/Hardwire installation (accessories included for both methods).

The fixture has an integrated USB charging port that allows the convenience to charge your phone, computer or any USB device.

This light is great for any room or workspace. It has a Hi/Low rocker switch for brightness and a slide selector switch for changing Kelvin color temperature, allowing you to toggle between 2700K, 3500K, and 4000K color temperatures, so you can choose the best light for each task. Our Under Cabinet light is recommended to be mounted on wood surfaces using two-mounting screws (included). This light comes in three sizes (12”, 22” and 32”) to fit the needs of your space. Depending on the size you purchase, you can link anywhere from 2 of these fixtures up to 12 of these fixtures using a butt-connector or linking cable included. This light is also dimmable down to 10% with most wall/box dimmers, so that you can set your lighting ambiance based on your own needs.

Ultra-Thin Design
The Under Cabinet Light is perfect for areas like cabinets and closets where you’d like some extra light. With a thin and durable body, these lights blend seamlessly into any space. GLARE-FREE frosted lens makes it easy on the eyes with warm bright light. This stunning LED Under Cabinet Fixture is constructed with an aluminum housing and a matte white polycarbonate diffuser.

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